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My Fete Tickets is a top-tiered ticketing platform that caters to and assists Event Planners and Promoters with regard to the ease of ticket sales. It is our mission at My Fete Tickets to bring people together of one mind and one sound to enjoy good company, great food, and moving music. Our intent is to spread positive vibes across the nation, connecting people, one Fete Ticket at a time. In the Afro-Caribbean community, Fete is a universal term that is understood across every platform as an event meant to encourage celebrations of all types. It is only fitting that we tailor our platform to the needs of the Event Planners. This includes providing first-rate service, multiple features, and key support to every Event Planner without charging exorbitant fees. We frequently monitor ticket prices to ensure they remain competitive, that way you can put your money where it is needed most – into your “Fete.” My Fete Tickets evaluates its success based on the positive feedback we receive from Event Planners who use our services, the responsiveness of our customer service team, and the consistency of our product updates. No matter if you host your event in a stadium, theatre, small music venue, concert hall, church, or gala, or playing mass on the streets, we will precisely depict your space, and seating arrangement.

We Are All About You

Our primary mission is to focus on your brand. We believe that we grow when you grow which is why we partner with you and work to promote your brand in the best light possible!

My Fete Tickets Emphasizes Your Brand And Event

We are totally and completely independent. As a company, we are glad to say that we do not have any investors. Our customers are the Event Planners themselves, not shareholders or outsiders. As a company, we strongly believe in growing better, not just bigger. That is why when it comes to expanding our company, we weigh both the bottom line and the greater good. This in turn leads to more reasonable prices and mutual benefit for all involved.