My Fete Ticket – Merchant agreement

Payment Processing

My Fete Tickets offers tools to help with registration, ticket selling and more so you can best serve your customers. We facilitate payments for you with the help of our third-party payment processing partners or merchants.

Both My Fete Tickets and you as an event organizer are subject to their rules and regulations. You may also be required to enter into agreements with them separately for payment purposes.

Our general payment process includes:

·         When you use My Fete Tickets, we work as your limited payment platform to facilitate transactions. We process registration, total ticket value and other items.

·         We’re not liable for missing, delayed or rejected payouts that occur due to contractual breach, delay or failure by a third-party provider, payment partner or you.

Our payment methods include:

·         You’ll receive payments via a bank account in your name or via a check made to an address in Canada or the United States.

·         Our payment processor partner may also allow you to receive payments via cards.

·         You’re liable to ensure the security control of the check. Inform us within 24 hours if the check is stolen, fraudulently obtained, or lost.

·         The event organizer will be notified via email once the transfer of funds has been initiated.

My Fete Tickets – Sale of Tickets


My Fete Tickets will communicate the following to ticket buyers on the organizer’s behalf:


  1. Once a ticket sale is confirmed, it’s final.
  2. Once you receive your purchase receipt, please check your ticket carefully for any mistakes or mix-ups because tickets can’t be exchanged, returned, canceled, or refunded for such reasons later.
  3. My Fete Tickets represents the organization behind the event. Thus, all tickets sold are subject to their terms and the terms of the venue where the event is being held.
  4. Your tickets are yours to own and use. You may distribute them as a gift but you’re prohibited from reselling them for a higher price. My Fete Tickets may cancel tickets it suspects of being resold at a higher price and recipients may be denied entry without prior notification.
  5. Ticket holders are also subject to entry policies by the venue’s management. Non-compliance with their SOPs and late arrivals may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the event.
  6. Discounts, promotions, and special offers apply to one ticket at a time and don’t apply to tickets purchased before they were announced.
  7. We may require proof of ID and extra charges for re-sending a lost ticket.
  8. My Fete Tickets doesn’t operate a resale facility or resell tickets through external agents. Its tickets take full and exclusive priority and shall be available for purchase until the day of the event.

My Fete Tickets – Refunds

Organizers must have a refund policy, and it may be subject to review by My Fete Tickets to avoid policy conflicts and ensure a smooth refund process. You must communicate your refund policy to consumers before the event.


  1. You’re responsible for processing refunds and/or reimbursing us for specified refunds made to consumers on your behalf.
  2. My Fete Tickets reserves the right to initiate refunds for tickets purchased.
  3. You may issue refunds by adding funds to your event balance or remitting them to My Fete Tickets so we can issue them on your behalf.
  4. You may issue a refund via cash or check if the above methods don’t work for you for any given reason.
  5. You may have to manually process refunds if our payment processing partners don’t permit them. You may carry out a manual refund directly or through My Fete Tickets.
  6. You must accept the refund deadline specified by My Fete Tickets, except for canceled or rescheduled events.
  7. You’re responsible for refund disputes and chargeback fees.
  8. You must not process refunds outside My Fete Tickets.
  9. Refunds must not be used for activities other than event refunds. Examples include money transfers, personal expenses, and cash advance transactions.
  10. If you’re remitting funds to My Fete Tickets for issuing refunds, you must transfer the full amount within five days of the refund request.
  11. You’re responsible for informing consumers to refrain from contacting My Fete Tickets about refunds. We reserve the right to direct consumers to your platform for refund requests, whether or not you have a no-refund policy.
  12. You must issue partial refunds if you performed only a part of a multi-day event. For instance, if you sold a week-long event for $350 and only performed for four of the seven days, you must process a $150 refund for the three days of non-performance.
  13. If no refund policy is set by the seller, buyers may cancel a booking and receive a refund of the sales price if requested at least 48 hours before the event’s start time.

My Fete Tickets – Chargeback

Credit card chargebacks and transaction reversals may occur when a consumer disputes a central or alternative payment network.


  1. The organizer is responsible for remitting and reimbursing My Fete Tickets, its payment processor partners, and any other partners affiliated with us for chargebacks related to event proceeds.
  2. The organizer must also reimburse My Fete Tickets for the following:

a)      Penalty fees

b)      Payment processing

c)      Credit card payments

  1. My Fete Tickets will represent you in the event of chargeback disputes; we may also take it upon ourselves to initiate certain chargeback disputes on your behalf.
  2. My Fete Tickets reserves the right not to dispute the following transaction reversals and credit card chargebacks:

a)      Chargebacks we’re likely to lose.

b)      Chargebacks eligible under the organizer’s refund policy.

c)      Chargebacks eligible under My Fete Tickets’ refund policy.


My Fete Tickets – Event Cancelation


The organizer is solely responsible for refunds arising from non-performance or event cancelations. Under the representation of My Fete Tickets, the organizer is obligated to comply with the following conditions:


  1. The organizer must notify consumers about the event cancelation without delay and well before the event date and time.
  2. If the organizer processes refunds through My Fete Tickets, they must remit all the funds within five business days following the event cancelation.
  3. The organizer will be the main point of contact for refunds following an event cancelation. They must ask consumers to only contact My Fete Tickets for refunds related to payments except for chargebacks.
  4. My Fete Tickets reserves the right to process chargebacks on the organizer’s behalf. Since chargebacks resulting from event cancelations are eligible for a refund, the organizer must agree to process them through our platform. 
  5. My Fete Tickets will charge the organizer for chargebacks and payments made on their behalf related to event cancelations.
  6. In the event of a partial event cancelation, the organizer must comply with the pro-rate refund policy of My Fete Tickets specifying a partial refund to consumers. For instance, if you charged consumers for a five-day festival but it only ran for three days for whatever reason, you must refund the partial fees of the ticket to consumers. You may do this directly or authorize My Fete Tickets to process the refunds on your behalf.


My Fete Tickets – Cancelation

All ticket cancelations on My Fete Tickets are subject to its cancelation policy. The organizer must apprise consumers about the following once they receive the purchase receipt:


  1. Ticket cancelations are subject to the terms and conditions of My Fete Tickets, the organizer, and venue management.
  2. Consumers are advised to read the terms and conditions of the event before booking tickets to avoid unnecessary cancelations and refund disputes.
  3. Tickets can be canceled 48 hours before the event’s scheduled time. Refunds will be carried out as per the organizer’s refund policy and our merchant policy.
  4. Consumers may request a ticket cancelation with the organizer.
  5. Consumers may refer to the organizer’s refund policy if they cancel their tickets due to a suspension, delay, or postponement of the event.
  6. If the event is rescheduled, My Fete Tickets reserves the right to notify ticketholders about the new time, date, and/or venue.
  7. My Fete Tickets reserves the right to cancel tickets it suspects of being resold at a higher price and breaching restrictions placed on credit card payments, tickets per household, and so on.


At My Fete Tickets, we value transparency and effective communication with our customers. This page is designed to provide important information, updates, and announcements related to our services, events, and potential disruptions. Check this page regularly to stay informed about any changes or updates that may affect your ticket purchasing or event attendance experience.

Event Updates and Announcements

Upcoming Events: Stay up-to-date with our latest event offerings and ticket sales by visiting our upcoming events section. Find out about new events, dates, and venues so you never miss a chance to attend your favorite fetes.

Event Cancellations or Postponements: If an event gets canceled or postponed, we’ll promptly update this section with all of the necessary details. You can also expect an email notification with information about refunds or rescheduling options.

Lineup Changes: Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes in event lineups. We’ll notify you of any modifications in this section to help you to plan accordingly.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided in our notices section, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at We’re here to assist you and ensure your My Fete Tickets experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Welcome To My Fete Tickets

At My Fete Tickets, we’re committed to providing you with a seamless and enjoyable ticket-purchasing experience for a wide range of events. Our user-friendly platform offers access to concerts, festivals, sporting events, theatre productions, and more. This page covers essential topics to help you to navigate and make the most of our services.

Creating An Account

To purchase tickets through My Fete Tickets, simply create an account by providing your name, phone number, email address, and password. Once your account is set up, you can manage your personal information, track orders, and stay informed about upcoming events and promotions.

Finding and Purchasing Tickets

Search Bar: Use our search bar to find events by keyword, location, date, or category. You can also browse through our featured events and popular categories on our homepage.

Selecting Tickets: After finding your desired event, click the "Buy Tickets" button to view available ticket options. Choose your preferred seating and ticket quantity, then proceed to the checkout.

Payment Options: We accept major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Our secure payment system ensures your information is protected during the transaction process.

Refunds and Exchanges

In the event of a cancellation, postponement, or any other issue requiring a refund or exchange, please refer to our refund policy or contact the event organizer for assistance.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns. You can reach us via email at Our goal is to ensure your My Fete Tickets experience is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Thank you for choosing My Fete Tickets, and we look forward to providing you with exceptional service and memorable experiences.


My Fete Tickets – Service Charge Preference


My Fete Tickets allows you the non-exclusive right to create an event on its platform. In return, you allow My Fete Tickets to promote the listed event(s) through social media and other digital marketing channels. We may charge you a service charge in exchange for this right.


  • The organizer is responsible for all service charges, credit card fees, and taxes related to their event(s).
  • The organizer is solely responsible for setting ticket prices, registration process, event description, and other items. 
  • The organizer will be charged for all applicable services, including payment processing, transactions, marketing, and due diligence.
  • Service charges may vary according to currency and the tax laws of different jurisdictions.
  • My Fete Tickets reserves the right to change its service charge preferences at any time or to charge additional service fees should a transaction occur after the modification.
  • My Fete Tickets reserves the right to charge a service fee for refund transactions. You may refrain from this service by having consumers communicate refund requests to you without our involvement.
  • Organizers may elect to have the service charges debited from their account after issuing a collection notice. 
  • Organizers may contact the support team to explore alternate options to pay for payment processing, marketing, and any other perks of our representation.
  • The organizer will determine whether the service charge and sale price will be paid for by the buyer or included in the sale price and paid for by the organizer.

My Fete Tickets – Governing and Jurisdiction

Your jurisdiction and governing authority may impose certain taxes on My Fete Tickets’ service charges, due to which you may be required to provide us with the following information while registering for our organizer services:


  1. Additional information about the organizers, their representatives, or who/what they represent. 
  2. The entities, if any, benefiting from the event you’re attempting to list on My Fete Tickets.
  3. Your current address, business address, business title, descriptions of your products, date of birth, tax identification numbers, government-issued identification, and other private information.
  4. My Fete Tickets reserves the right to share this information with any third parties it might collaborate with for organizer services and any governing authorities of your location.
  5. My Fete Tickets may use this information to identify and ascertain whether you qualify for our services. 
  6. My Fete Tickets may review the nature of your transactions and check whether they’re legal.
  7. To undertake all or some of the above, you’ll provide My Fete Tickets with all that’s required of you and ensure this information is complete and up to date at all times.
  8. If the organizer’s local tax authority requires My Fete Tickets to pay taxes for their event because they provided inaccurate information, the organizer agrees to reimburse My Fete Tickets for the penalty, cost, or any other expense paid on their behalf.



My Fete Tickets – Listing Responsibility of Event Organizer

To ensure maximum engagement, My Fete Tickets requires organizers to provide the following details for their event listing:


  1. Enter Event Details: Log into your organizer account and click “Create Event.” Enter an event title and the name of the organizer, specify a genre, event tags, venue, date and time, add high-resolution images of your event and set up the event. If your event is online, you must add a link for the virtual venue.


  1. Set Up Your Tickets: Create free/paid tickets, give them titles such as “General Admission”, add the number of tickets you have to offer, add price labels, and submit them with a sale date to indicate when you’d like them to go online. The organizer may follow their refund policy or the merchant’s refund policy. You may also add a ticket description for clarity.


  1. Set Up Your Event’s Consumer Form: Organizers must choose what information they want to collect from consumers. Select the information you wish to collect, add your questions to the mix and add more details, such as parking instructions.


  1. Set Up Payment Options: Add a bank account and select payment options for your consumers. Choose your location and currency. If your country isn’t listed on My Fete Tickets, you may be unable to use it for payment processing. If My Fete Tickets doesn’t support your currency, you might be prompted to use PayPal. Any payouts will be sent to your PayPal business account instead. Lastly, mention how often you’d like to get paid.


  1. Enter Taxpayer Information: Taxes may be imposed on US organizers using our payment processing system. This will require you to fill out the taxpayer information form. 


  1. Add a Refund Policy: Organizers may already have a sophisticated refund policy in place. However, they must review their terms and conditions and detail how long consumers have to request a refund before publishing it on My Fete Tickets.


  1. Review Event Listing: Listings may be reviewed and edited after they’ve been published, but not in their entirety. Organizers can’t change payment processing options or delete tickets after releasing their listings. Ensure that you review each listing thoroughly before going live.


  1. Check Settings: If you can’t see your listing on the day it’s supposed to go live, check your settings. You may have specified the wrong date.


  1. Use Marketing Tools: Help yourself to My Fete Tickets’ marketing tools. Public events go live, appear on our search directory and are submitted to search engines as soon as they’re published.


My Fete Tickets is committed to providing a transparent and convenient ticket-purchasing experience for our customers. This includes providing clear information about the taxes associated with your ticket purchases. This page is designed to help you to understand the tax implications of buying tickets through our platform and the possible charges you might encounter.

Sales Tax

Applicable Rates: Sales tax is applied to ticket purchases in accordance with the tax regulations in the location where the event is held. The tax rate may vary depending on the state or country and will be calculated based on the total cost of your ticket purchase.

Display on Invoice: Sales tax will be clearly displayed on your invoice as a separate line item so you can easily identify the tax amount associated with your purchase.

Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST)

International Events: If you’re purchasing tickets for an event held outside of your country, you may be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or Goods and Services Tax (GST), depending on the local tax regulations in the event’s country. These taxes will be included in the total cost of your ticket purchase and will be displayed on your invoice.

Service Fees

Inclusive of Taxes: Our service fees, which are charged for processing your ticket purchase, are inclusive of any applicable taxes. This ensures that there are no hidden fees or additional tax charges on top of the service fees.

Failed Delivery

No one wants to miss out on an exciting event because of a failed delivery of their e-tickets. At My Fete Tickets, we strive to ensure that your ticket delivery is seamless and hassle-free. However, there are instances where failed delivery may occur. This guide will help you to identify the reasons behind a failed ticket delivery and provide solutions to ensure you receive your tickets promptly.

Common Causes of Failed Delivery

  1. Incorrect Email Address: The most common cause of a failed delivery is an incorrect email address provided during the ticket purchasing process. Double-check the email address you used to make sure it’s correct.
  2. Email Provider Issues: Your email provider may have filtering, security, or server issues that prevent the delivery of your tickets. Check your spam or junk folder, and make sure your email settings allow messages from My Fete Tickets.
  3. Ticket Email Blocked: Your email service may block emails from unrecognized senders. Add My Fete Tickets to your safe sender list to avoid this issue.

Solutions for Failed Delivery

  1. Update Email Address: If you’ve entered the wrong email address during the ticket purchasing process, contact My Fete Tickets’ customer support to update it. Provide your order number, name, and the correct email address for a speedy resolution.
  2. Check Spam or Junk Folder: If you haven’t received your tickets, check your spam or junk folder. If you find the ticket email there, mark it as “Not Spam” and add My Fete Tickets to your contacts or safe sender list.
  3. Contact Customer Support: If you’ve tried the above steps and still haven’t received your tickets, contact My Fete Tickets’ customer support at Our team will investigate the issue and re-send the tickets to your email address.